Things you need to check before purchasing a car seat for your child

Having a four wheeler in today’s generation is no more a luxurious thing. Most of the family now  prefers a four wheeler rather than having a two wheeler. Owning a two wheeler is only beneficial for those people who are bachelors working somewhere at distance and also to go for smaller distance. If you have a family of wife, children, parents then it is good to have a four wheeler rather than having a two wheeler.

convertible car seat

It is very difficult for those people who wants to go for an event, trip or occasion with the whole family. It is not possible to take the whole family in a bike or scooty. Paying extra money and booking a cab are sometimes worthless because you may lack comfortability. There are frequent occasions, trips and get together of family members, so purchasing a four wheeler is better than frequent booking of the cab. The price of the cars are also now affordable. There are many brands who are producing cars at affordable prices which can be owned easily by a middle class family. There are many offers provided by them like EMI’s, insurance, loan which helps to own a car without any effort.

If you are planning to buy a car and your family contains small kids and babies then you also need to have a convertible car seat. Convertible car seats helps your babies and small kids to sit comfortably. The normal seats of the car are convenient and made for elder people. So it is not convenient for small kids. Most of the parents hold their baby or makes them sit on their laps but if you are planning for a long trip then it will be more difficult for you to make your kid seated on your lap continuously. This will be inconvenient for you as well as your baby. So it is recommended to have a convertible seats for your kids.

Following are some things which you need to ensure while purchasing a convertible car seat.

Type of car seat

There are mainly two types of car seats available for small child and they are infant car seat and convertible car seat. An infant car seat can hold a child whose weight estimates from 35 to 45 pounds. This type of car seat are normally rear facing. Whereas, a convertible seats can be converted from rear facing to forward facing. Convertible seats can hold a child from its birth to 40 and 80 pounds and at the same time a height holding from 40 to 57 inches. There is also another type within convertible seat which is known as 3 in 1 or all in one car seat. It has the facility of rear facing and forward facing and at the same time provides the facility of booster seat for children who is up to 120 pounds. The 3 in 1 car seats should not be used for small babies as they are only forward facing. Check this website to get a detailed information on car seats.

Side impact protection

You cannot predict the turnings and jumpings of the road. So you need to be pre planned. While purchasing a car seat you need to ensure that they provide the side impact protection which will keep your baby’s head and chest secured. There are even chances that the babies try to move from the seat and at the same time they also move their head and hands here and there. As they are small babies, they don’t know that they can be injured. So ensure that you have a side impact protection car seat.

Easy to use

Buy a car seat which will be easy to use. There are different types of car seats which are less weighted or more bulky. So ensure that you use a more comfortable one for you as well as for your baby. Check out the rating provided for the car seat which you are planning to purchase as most rated one will be simple to use and at the same time more convenient.

There are various selection available for car seats. If you are planning to purchase a convertible type, then ensure that you hold a best convertible car seat as it is for your baby.…

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